GDP is passe, Human capital takes center stage for WB, IMF

This article appeared in Deccan Herald on 27th October, 2017 and can be seen here:

Deccan Herald Fri 27 10 17The article can also be read here –

While the Indian media and political analysts have been talking about how the slowing down Indian economy is likely to hurt the electoral prospects of the BJP and slow down the Modi-Shah juggernaut, a different scene unfolded last week in distant Washington DC.… Continue reading

Democracy and Development

Democracy is increasingly being understood in India as elections and voting. The larger role of citizen engagement and the importance of several democratic Institutions in ensuring good governance is rarely internalized by many. Democracy can be meaningful and productive for the people only when Institutions that are created by the legislative frameworks are allowed to operate and deliver on their mandate. … Continue reading

The launch of “I, the Citizen” in the USA

It is finally done…My book, “I, the Citizen” is finally ready for launch.  The response to the book till date has been very good.  We are receiving orders for the same and it will start getting processed soon.  The formal launch of the book in the United States will be taking place next week at Cornell University after which it will be available for sale there. … Continue reading